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  • Ultimate Employer


    Ultimate Employer 2015

    If you oversee others in a supervisory or mid-level management role, the Ultimate Employer Program is for you.
    in this eight-week (four classrooom days) program we cover off the fundamentals of:
    Hiring for Success
    Creating Performance Environments
    Direction, Delegation and Discipline
    And Performance Management (Evaluation Skills)
    for the 2015 dates, click on this link

    2015 Program
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    If you oversee others in a supervisory or mid-level management role, the Ultimate Employer Program is for you. in this eight-week (four classrooom days) program we cover off the fundamentals of: - Hiring for Success - Creating Performance Environments - Direction, Delegation and Discipline - And Performance Management (Evaluation Skills) for the 2015 dates, click on this link

  • Team & Associates


    Experts at your fingertips!

    Whether you are hiring, retraining, or trying to retain your best people, WOW helps you meet your business objectives. We're your long-term partner in creating and perpetuating success in a profitable, sustainable manner. Our team believes in building your business in a way that respects who you are, and what you want to become. We bring decades of real-world, tactical experience to your door. Its time to open up your business to our teams influence and create what you want.

    WOW's Team
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    WOW's extensive team of professionals provide you with the knowledge skills and real word experience, when you need them. We look at your business with a critical eye, helping you to solve human resource issues, create team success and rise to corporate success regardless of the current economy!

  • Business Services


    Consulting & Services

    Whether we are writing policies and procedures, coaching your team, or creating a customized training program for your business, we remain committed to helping you create the organization, culture and profitability your seek. We provide over 100 years of practical experience, in real-world, real issue management and solutions. WOW's award wining programs and services are scalable and adaptable to any business model, any industry. We're here to help.

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    Business success is built upon sound business principles, and practical application of these, considering your operational realities. Our business services are designed to help you solve your performance management & people issues and create a successful environment.

  • Leadership Training


    Training Programs

    WOW's leadership training programs can be delivered in a wide variety of formats to meet your needs, from conference keynotes, to half, full-day and multi-session programs. We deliver training solutions which create long-term results. We provide powerful programs to teams with as few as three members, or as large as hundreds. Our scalable, customizable programs can include your forms, processes, and branding as well as custom content from your organization.

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    Effectively trained and empowered teams outperform their competitors by up to 186%! WOW provides interpersonal and team skills development training programs for staff, supervisors and management that deliver the results you are seeking!

WOW Leadership Training provides our high quality, tactical tools based programs to companies and organizations throughout Canada, the United States and Japan. We are based out of British Columbia and regularly serve clients in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Our highly skilled leadership development and training facilitator, Jeremy Heighton, provides the highest quality learning, engagement and tools based programs available today in leadership training, management development, and organizational development. If you are serious about creating success for your team, there is no other leadership training solution that creates as high a level of impact as WOW Leadership Training. Contact us for a no obligation discussion about how we can help your team to achieve

At WOW we focus  three aspects of your business


People. We help you to find, support and grow the people who create your business success. We stand behind you from hiring to assessment, retraining to retaining. WOW leadership Training is your people solution.


Processes. We believe that effective processes, procedures and tools free you up, as a leader to do what you do best – lead.  Our process development system creates procedures, tools and processes which are logical, simple to use, and effective.


Productivity. Everything we do at WOW Leadership Training is focused on getting you the results you need and want. We work with you to develop and deliver high-impact training and services.

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